Committed to breaking down some of the barriers that exist in accessing mental health support

Providing therapeutic support for people of all ages. Our team is multi-disciplinary, including Therapists, Social Workers, Tutors, Therapeutic Practitioners and Occupational Therapists. Our practice is underpinned by current theory and research. Our staff are qualified, experienced and registered with governing bodies.

Therapy Services

We provide therapeutic support packages for children, young people, adults and families. Our therapeutic team are qualified and registered therapists with many years of experience. We are safeguarding trained DBS checked and Insured.

Our therapeutic offer includes individual sessions, group work and family therapy. In addition, we provide training for professionals, parents/carers, provide consultation and clinical supervision.

Our systemic approach:

Alternative Therapeutic Provision

Changing Lives Through Changing Minds is an established alternative education provision, underpinned with therapeutic theory and practice. We specialise in supporting children and young people who have difficulties learning due to mental health, attachment, trauma and/or looked after children.

We have developed an excellent relationship and reputation with schools, colleges and local authorities, having evidenced successful outcomes; references available. Our project received an outstanding achievement to learning community award 2018

Bespoke Support Packages

Referral Pathway

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help babies, infants, children, and young people to grow, learn, have fun, socialise and play so they can develop, thrive, and reach their full potential.

Occupational therapy enables people to participate in daily life to improve their health, wellbeing, and independence, boosting their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. Daily life is made up of many activities/occupations. For children or young people that may include self care (getting dressed, eating a meal, using a toilet) being productive (going to nursery, school, or volunteering) and leisure i.e playing with friends and hobbies.

Occupational Therapy

We can offer a tailored treatment that supports a child and their family when they experience difficulties in the areas outlined below:

Sensory Processing:

Making sense of information that we receive through our senses, like sound and smell.
A child may be oversensitive to things around them and show the following symptoms:

Following comprehensive assessment, the occupational therapist exposes the child to sensory stimulation through repetitive activities. These activities are gradually made more challenging and complex allowing the child to process and react to sensations more efficiently.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Changing Lives have been commissioned as an approved provider of therapeutic services by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide therapeutic services on behalf of North Lincolnshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

A therapist will contact you to make an appointment to talk about how you would like us to help. Together we will think about and agree a service which will benefit you and your family. We then make appointments and meet regularly to review how things are going. Finally, we will agree when your family no longer needs our support and our service will end.

What we do

We offer individual sessions, group work and family therapy

Training and Consultation

Our therapeutic team provides a variety of training courses, workshops and consultation opportunities. This training is available to social workers, teachers, adopters, foster carers, kinship carers, parents, councillors, therapists and other professionals. Our ethos is to site and learn from each others experiences.

Training programmes

Consultation packages

Volunteer and Student Placements

As a Community Interest Company we believe that we are in a privileged position to provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn and develop, skills, knowledge and experience. We specialise in supporting children and young people who have difficulties learning due to mental health, attachment, trauma and/or looked after children.

Work Experience
Year 10 and 11 Pupils

Student Placements
Health and Social Care, Counselling, Youth and Community Development, Horse Care and Management, Occupational therapy and physiotherapy

Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising, Support Work, Driving, Administration and Animal Care



As a student or volunteer you become a valued member of the Changing Lives team. You will access all company benefits and your expenses will be covered.