About us

A safe and welcoming place where children and young people can grow and learn...

Here at Changing Lives through Changing Minds we have made the commitment to break down some of the barriers that exist in accessing mental health support with the explicit aim of working towards achieving positive and sustainable change for our service users. This will ultimately lead to us being recognised as a credible therapeutic provider of choice within our local area.

Changing Lives through Changing Minds is a unique project that provides opportunities for children and young people to experience changes in their approach to life and society that will bring a new beginning and forward journey for them.

We hold the principles of empowerment, choice and control at the core of our approach and values.


Our relationships define us, and as such we strive to ensure that we have rewarding and productive relationships embedded in our ethos and delivery at all levels, from our Board of Directors to our young service users.


Our approaches are creative and innovative, we are receptive to using new solutions to service delivery. We will encourage our staff and service users to search out innovations and new ideas that provide resourceful solutions to service delivery.


We will ensure that at all times we act in the most responsive way that we can. We will be reactive yet sensitive to the needs of our service users, providing the right level of support at the right time, by the right people who can help. Our responses will be both reactive to need and sustainable for the future.


Our communication will be open, honest and transparent. It will empower all of our staff and service users that equips them with the knowledge and authority to make the right choices and decisions relating to our service delivery.


We will work together as one team to ensure that everyone is able to contribute to the needs of the service and the service users in partnership. We will adopt as many ways as possible to ensure that this happens, including the use of new and exciting technologies, social networks and other services which will assist in finding the right solutions for our service users.


We will continue on our path of growth and advancement, making all efforts to develop new and innovative services that not only address the needs of service development but also support our service users to develop personally in a way that addresses elements of their life where their needs have not previously been met.



Provide high quality, evidence-based therapy service for children, young people and their families that are effective, efficient and sustainable.


Deliver responsive services that meet the needs of the service user


Develop a professional network with other stakeholders in the area, being recognised as a credible service provider of choice.


Provide new, exciting and innovative approaches, which are creative and flexible to meet the individual needs of our service users.


Develop an effective Communication Strategy across all areas of the service, from the Board to our service users.


Provide training and development opportunities for our staff consultation to enable them to remain professionally ahead of the game and be able to think and deliver creatively. In this way we will become an employer of choice throughout the community.

Our Objectives

Changing Lives through Changing Minds will become a provider of choice across the local health and education services, we will be recognised for our ability to respond to service user need and achieve the outcomes that are relevant for the individuals who access our services.

Changing Lives through Changing Minds will become an employer of choice, attracting professional, competent staff of all levels who wish to practice in an innovative, creative yet effective way that meets the needs of service users in a unique and alternative environment.

Changing Lives through Changing Minds will deliver outcomes to commissioners of our services, in an effective and efficient way, providing value for money and excellent individual outcomes for our service users.